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May 16, 2016

Welcome to Beary Law where you will find a rare combination of expertise in tax and bankruptcy law as well as substantial litigation experience.  The scope of Patricia Beary’s experience in federal government practice for over 25 years distinguishes her from other attorneys.

Ms. Beary began her law career in December 1982 as a tax attorney with the Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel in Phoenix where she tried approximately 30 cases in U.S. Tax Court.  While there, she had the honor of receiving a special designation from the United States Attorney for Arizona to try cases in U.S. Bankruptcy Court as an Assistant United States Attorney.

In 1990, she was promoted to the position of Assistant District Counsel in Manhattan.  There she worked on tax issues in the largest chapter 11 filings in the Southern District of New York, the most notable being R.H. Macy’s Department Store.  She also reviewed hundreds of offers in compromise for legal sufficiency.

In 1994, Ms. Beary accepted a position with the United States Department of Justice as the Assistant United States Trustee for the District of Connecticut.  As such, she was responsible for all bankruptcy cases in the four courts which comprise the District of Connecticut.  Ms. Beary personally handled many large chapter 11 cases which successfully reorganized, such as Raytech Corporation and related case Raymark Corporation (asbestos tort successor liability case involving manufacturer of automobile brakes); Country Home Bakers (provider of frozen baked products to supermarkets); and DeGeorge Home Alliance (provider of building lots, construction materials and financing to prospective homeowners acting as their own general contractors).

In addition to handling her own caseload, Ms. Beary supervised and managed the United States Trustee staff consisting of attorneys, bankruptcy analysts, paralegals and legal clerks.  She also monitored and provided oversight to the panel of chapter 7 trustees, the chapter 13 trustees and the chapter 12 trustees.  During her twelve years in the New Haven Office of the United States Trustee, Ms. Beary personally reviewed every chapter 7 asset case administered by a trustee.

In May 2006, Ms. Beary decided to relocate to the Los Angeles United States Trustee’s Office so that she could focus her talents on litigation.  As an expert on chapter 7 abuse post-BAPCPA, Ms. Beary tried and won several motions to dismiss, as well as complaints objecting to discharge.

In April 2008, Ms. Beary established her law office in Phoenix, Arizona, focusing on tax issues and bankruptcy litigation.

Since opening her office in Arizona, Ms. Beary has achieved many notable results including settling a Tax Court case with a $600,000 deficiency for $1,000;   submitting Offers-In-Compromise, some of which were accepted for as little as ten percent of the tax liability;   obtaining removal of tax liens and levies relating to a sole propriertorships, one with a reduction from $6,000,000 to $600,000 and some reduced to zero;   obtaining innocent spouse relief;  achieving no change tax audits both in business cases and in personal cases.

In bankruptcy, Ms. Beary handled many challenging cases.  Among them was one in which Ms. Beary successfully brought an adversary proceeding for her client to determine whether a tax liability of $80,000  could be discharged under one of the obscure exceptions to the rules governing discharge of taxes.  In another case, Ms. Beary achieved for her client, the debtor/defendant,  discharge of a debt exceeding $400,000 in an action to deny discharge based on mortgage fraud.

With over 33 years of legal experience in tax and bankruptcy cases, Ms. Beary is uniquely qualified to provide you with outstanding results in these areas.

Recently, Ms. Beary has expanded her practice to include equine contracts for sale/purchase and lease, waiver of liability agreements relating to horseback riding, and pet trusts to ensure that the your pets will continue to receive care when you are no longer able to provide it.  Ms. Beary can also assist you in creating a revocable living trust or irrevocable trust, including necessary related documents, tailored to your specific needs.

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Welcome to Beary Law PLC

Welcome to Beary Law PLC where you will find a rare combination of expertise in tax and bankruptcy law as well as substantial litigation experience. The scope of Patricia Beary's experience in federal practice for over 25 years distinguishes her from other attorneys.
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Real Results

Ms. Beary's expertise has led to the removal of liens and levies in the amount of $110,000 and a reduction of the tax liability to zero. In bankruptcy, Ms. Beary successfully represented the debtor/defendant in a suit filed by a subsidiary of Fidelity Financial objecting to discharge of an assessed debt in excess of $600,000. After contentious pre-trial litigation, plaintiff dismissed its complaint against Ms. Beary’s client. Currently, Ms. Beary is negotiating a settlement of a tax liability of approximately $6 million. She has also filed a petition in tax court where the disputed liability is approximately $600,000.
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Firm Profile

With a focus on federal tax issues and taxpayers in bankruptcy, Attorney Beary, a former IRS trial attorney and Assistant United States Trustee, has tried cases in the U.S. Tax Court in Arizona and in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Arizona, District of Connecticut, and Central District of California. Her experience includes appeals of federal tax and bankruptcy decisions, as well as resolving tax debt by payment plans and offers in compromise.
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